Smally's Biltong Chilli

Beef up your snacking with Smally’s Biltong

Packed Lunches are delighted to announce that we’re now official stockists of Smally’s Biltong.

Smally’s Biltong was founded in 2015 by Chris Small who, after returning from 2 years in South Africa, had fell in love with the beefy snack and wanted to make it more readily available in the UK.

Biltong is a dried, cured meat that originates from Southern African countries. You could say it’s similar to Beef Jerky, but Biltong tends to be more flavoursome as it marinated in vinegar and extra spices are added.

Smally’s Biltong is made from British & Irish grass fed Beef, marinated in traditional South African spices and air dried to perfection. We currently stock two varieties of Smally’s Biltong, Original and Chilli, which can be bought here.

With over 15g of Protein per pack, it’s the perfect mid-morning or post exercise snack. It’s not only an amazing source of natural protein but also iron, zinc and creatine. It’s gluten free, msg free and there is no added sugar.

We don’t just work with any business, so you know that we’re tried and tested the product and thoroughly recommend it!

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