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How To Boost Your Health With Vitamins

How To Boost Your Health With Vitamins

A balanced diet is one of the fundamental ways we can boost our immune system and be healthier and happier.

In the UK, we're so fortunate to have access to almost every type of food and ingredient available - most locally grown but some from further afield. Obviously, there are many types of Vitamins and Minerals that are required by our body to keep us fully functioning, but here are some of the most vital vits you need to include in your diet:

We all know calcium is vital for our bones and teeth, but it also helps our heart, nerves and blood clotting systems. Spinach, Kale, and White beans (such as cannellini beans) are particular good sources of calcium.

Vitamin A
It's vital for growth and development, but also for maintenance of our immune systems and skin health. The human body can produce Vitamin A, so we have to find it through food sources. Sweet potato, carrot, black eyed beans, spinach and broccoli are particularly good sources of Vitamin A.

B Vitamins
Good for energy production, immune function and iron absorption, this all-rounder can be found in a number of unprocessed foods including grains, potatoes, bananas, beans and chillies.

Vitamin C
Maybe the most famous of all the vitamins, we all know that an orange a day will give us the Vit C boost we need. But why? It helps to strengthen blood vessels and give skin the elasticity we need. It can be found in a range of fruit and veggies, like kiwi, peppers and strawberries.

Vitamin D
Our bodies can actually manufacture Vitamin D, by spending as little as 15 minutes in direct sunlight every day. Obviously, this gets harder during winter months or when we're not outside often. So how can we top it up through our diet? Egg yolks, Fatty fish (such as tuna, salmon and mackerel), Cheese and other dairy products including milk.

Vitamin E
It helps maintain healthy skin and eyes, but can also strengthen the body's natural defence system against illness and infection. The most common sources of Vitamin E is sunflower seeds, peanuts, almonds, spinach and avocado.

The key to a balanced diet is ensuring you're getting a good variety of fruit, vegetables, nuts and grains throughout the week. Alongside regular exercise, hydration, and adequate amounts of sleep - these are the pillars to leading a healthy and hopefully happy lifestyle.

Stay healthy,

Matt - Packed Lunches

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