• You can find full allergen and nutritional information for each meal on the product pages. If you are unsure then please contact us directly. We are happy to cater to reasonable requests for amendments. As all meals are produced in one facility, we cannot guarantee the absence of cross-contamination from allergens, so if you have a serious allergy we would recommend avoiding our meals.

  • For the ultimate freshness and taste, we recommend that all meals are kept refrigerated.

  • We prepare our meals in batches, on Sunday and Wednesday.

  • We recommend consuming your meals within 3 to 4 days of cooking. We always strive to find produce with the longest shelf life and you may find your meals can be eaten after this date, although we do not recommend this.

  • Personally, we don’t freeze our meals - although some customers do this. We cannot guarantee the taste will be the same after it has been frozen.

  • All meals arrive ready-to-eat, meaning they can be eaten cold. However, all meals in the white containers will taste better once reheated. All meals served in clear containers are designed to be eaten chilled.

  • All meals arrive fresh and chilled.

  • We do not recommend reheating our meals in an oven, although if you choose to you should remove the meal entirely from the packaging.

  • We deliver to homes and workplaces in Exeter and Devon. We can deliver to Crediton, Dawlish, Teignmouth, Cullompton, Torquay and Exmouth. Do you live outside of this area? Contact us directly and we can discuss potential delivery options.

  • We will give you an approximate delivery slot, but if you’re not home during this time we can either leave your meals in a safe place, rearrange delivery, or collect from our HQ instead.

  • We can deliver to either Sunday evening, Monday morning, Wednesday evening and Thursday mornings depending on whether you would like home or workplace delivery.

  • Yes, we can deliver to your workplace.

  • There is a flat rate delivery charge of £2.50 per week (Exeter) and £3.50 (surrounding area)

  • Yes, we will send a text reminder when we are out for delivery.

  • We are happy to deliver on bank holidays, if you won’t be in we can rearrange to a time convenient to you.

  • All of our single-use packaging is plant-based, and is designed to be composted. We recommend that you do your best to compost the packaging, and we are happy to take back your used containers. However, if you cannot compost, dispose of packaging responsible in landfill.

  • Our single-use packaging should be disposed of immediately after use. Please dispose of waste responsibly and ensure packaging is free of food waste. For our subscribers and regular customers we are proud to offer reusable lunch boxes. Our shakes and smoothies are all served in reusable glass bottles that we require back after use.

  • We are proud that all of our end user, single-use packaging are plastic free. We are committed to ensuring that all produce and ingredients we receive from suppliers are also free of single-use plastic.

  • Within your yearly subscription price we have calculated a 4 week holiday, which means you can pause your subscription for 4 full weeks without missing out or paying extra. In the unlikely event you would like to cancel your subscription, please contact us directly and we will calculate how much you are owed or is owed at the time you wish to cease receiving our meals. We will then cancel the subscription on our system.

  • To reduce food waste and improve efficiency, all meals are cooked to order. For this reason we cannot amend or cancel an order after our ordering cut-off for the following week, which is Thursday at 9PM. If you are a subscriber or have a monthly package we are happy to pause your order without extra charge, providing you inform us before the order cut-off of Thursday at 9PM.

  • Of course, contact us directly and we can ensure you are paying the correct price for the service you require.

  • There is no minimum order size, we love all of our customers equally.

  • All orders for the following week should be placed with us by Thursday at 9PM.

  • We will send a confirmation email if your order has been successful.

  • Contact us immediately by email if something needs to be changed.

  • We will try to accommodate reasonable requests to change or amend an order once our deadline has passed, however we cannot guarantee it will be possible.

  • We love hearing about how much you enjoy our meals, and we welcome you sharing your positive thought online. You can leave us a review on our Facebook page [https://www.facebook.com/PackedMealPrep/] and Google My Business page [https://g.page/packed-lunches].

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