Meal prep

Healthy meals
inspired by travel

Packed Lunches do more than just meals...

Supporting good causes

Lets leave the world in a better place than we found it. We support global projects where we've found meal inspiration.

Sustainable packaging

All of our packaging is 100% compostable, because a moment on the lips shouldn't mean 100 years on a tip.

Flavours of the world

We've explored the world to find the most exciting meals for you try. Made in our South West kitchen with local produce.

Too busy to cook & plan meals for a week?

Just because you lead a busy life, it doesn’t mean your diet should be neglected. Healthy diets can improve your wellbeing, positively affect your weight and increase your performance.

Because flavour comes first, with Packed Lunches you can be on a healthy diet without even realising.

What do Packed Lunchers say?

"I love the convenience of turning up to work on Monday morning and having a fresh package of meals ready for the week ahead. The food is so fresh and super healthy."
Packed Lunches Meal Prep
Murray Ross

"I enjoy the convenience of having healthy, tasty meals without the worry of food waste. With my busy job and small children, I don't have to worry about what to prepare for lunch"
Packed Lunches Meal Prep
Claire Gray

"I love the variety of the meals, I genuinely look forward to lunch time so much more. The customer service is excellent and nothing is ever too much trouble!"
Packed Lunches Meal Prep
Riina Lehtoviita
Office Manager

How does it work?

Select the package that is right for you

Our flexible subscription allows you to start from a minimum of 3 meals per week.

Choose your favourite meals

We update our menu regularly with with exciting new meals that makes the most of the freshest, seasonal produce.

Get gourmet prepared meals delivered to your door

Prepared by our top South-West chefs.

Tuck into the tasty meals prepared just for you

Transport your tastebuds with a delicious meal made just for you.


Packed Lunches is a flexible, meal plan subscription service that enables you to get gourmet, healthy fresh meals delivered to your door.

Next, choose the date you’d like your prepped food deliveries to start and where you would like your meals delivered.

Choose whether you’d like to pay for your meal plan monthly or weekly and start getting delicious, convenient prepared meals delivered straight to your door.

Finally, tuck into tasty, healthy meals made just for you with the best and freshest ingredients. Spend less time cooking and more time living!

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