Thank You For Supporting Great Causes

We donate 10% of profit from selected meals to projects in areas we have taken inspiration from for our menu.

Thanks to your generosity (and hunger) we were able to raise £150 for our inaugural charity partner, UppFutures. This was achieved through sales of the famous ‘Spicy Groundnut Stew’ – a real fans favourite for its chilli-kick and mix of yams, plantains and that oh so sweet Peanut sauce!

UppFutures provides school uniforms for children in economically disadvantaged areas of Northern Ghana. The donation you helped us to raise was used to provide 15 new uniforms for students at the Prince & Princess Academy in Tamale, Northern Ghana.

Check back to see what other projects our meals will be supporting in the future!

UppFutures Partnership Packed Meal Prep
Palestinian beef picadillo

We’ve recently added the Palestinian Picadillo to our menu. 50% of profits raised from sales of this meal will be donated to projects operating in Gaza that are supporting nutrition for people affected by the ongoing crises in the region.

This project started in May 2021, check back soon to see how much we’ve raised and the positive outcomes the money has had.