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National Allotment Week

Happy National Allotments Week!

Have you got green fingers, itchy feet or just looking to tickle your taste buds with cream of the crop produce? Now’s the perfect time to find out more about owning your own allotment in National Allotments Week!

Allotments are small plots of land, usually owned by the local council, which can be purchased by residents of the community to be self-managed. They offer a private space for growing and are especially helpful if you don’t have a garden at home. Allotments are predominantly used for growing a personal fruit and vegetable supply, but you might bring in some colour and vibrancy by integrating aesthetic plants too.

As our planet is battling climate change, the over-consumption of resources and overpopulation, allotments have become a widely popular investment in helping to ease the considerable strain we have put on the earth. 

Allotments also provide a plethora of benefits to the environment, your health and your local community, some of which we have listed below…

National allotments week
It takes a lot of hard work, but allotments can be so rewarding!

It’s good for the environment

By growing your own fruit and veg, you are investing less into mass-produce from supermarkets: reducing transport, waste and you will also be adopting a zero-packaging approach! 

Not only this, but you will be helping to support and nourish the diverse ecosystem of your local area.

Great exercise

A couple of hours on an allotment can feel like a full-blown work out! Get your steps up, raise your heartrate all while being in the great outdoors. In fact, according to one study the average person burns 594 calories from doing just under half an hour’s digging a week.

Fresh food is the best food! 

Fresh food tastes better – especially when you’ve grown it yourself! By cultivating an assortment of produce you expose yourself to a variety of new ingredients and recipes as you grow vegetables that you might not normally buy in the supermarket. One easy vegetable to grow is the pak choi, which is type of Chinese cabbage perfect for stir fries and other oriental dishes!

fresh vegetables allotment
Allotments are perfect for providing seasonal veg and herbs all year around!

Low-cost food

Allotments provide a long-term investment on your food. By taking out the transportation, packaging and commissions to shops and farmers, you are only paying for the raw value fruit and veg.

Learn new skills

Gardening is no easy task. By taking it up you are getting your brain working while learning some invaluable skills and understanding of the natural environment.

Improve your mental health

Escaping to the allotment can be a great benefit on your mental health – fresh air, a place to think and a place where you can just be yourself and keep your mind busy. Gardening has even been proven to improve your sleep and lower stress levels.

Great sense of community 

Allotments have great community value; they help protect green spaces, combat air pollution and they’re also a great way to meet new people and get to know your local community.

To find the nearest allotments in your area and to check availability, search here. 

Check out our current menu, some of your favourite meals are often made from fresh vegetables straight from our allotment in Exeter?

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