Ever sat there and thought to yourself, what is all the hype surrounding meal prep and does it actually work?

Meal prep is exactly what it says it is, however there are two ways of doing it.

You can either DIY meal prep or let a company (let’s say Packed Lunches) do all the work for you. Perhaps i’m biased but I know which option I would take.

Here are some quick facts as to why meal prep would benefit you.

1. You will be in control of the portions. Every Packed Lunches meal is weighed to the exact portions you and your body requires.

2. Save money. How often do you buy unnecessary snacks and meals or throw impulse buys into your trolley whilst in the supermarket. With Packed Lunches, the meals are filling meaning you won’t be reaching for the snack draw or over-buying groceries that won’t get eaten.

3. Meal prep eliminates surprises and hidden calories. You know the exact calories and nutritional breakdown of every meal we prepare, so there’s no surprises – especially helpful when you’re trying to stick to a plan or lose weight.

4. You will see better results from your workouts. Exercise works best when paired with healthy eating habits. 

5. Save time! Spend more time doing the things you love. Ordering Packed Lunches is a simple task and will save you valuable time. If you pre-order 8 meals you could easily save at least 4 hours in the kitchen – what will you do with that extra time?

6. You will develop a healthier relationship with food. Each Packed Lunches meal has been carefully considered to be nutritionally balanced. The exact macro nutritional and calorie breakdown helps you keep track of what you are putting into your body.

7. They’re a great fridge filler! Ever come home and despaired at the lack of ready-to-eat options in your fridge. After a long day, you won’t have to worry about cooking because there’ll be a delicious cooked dinner waiting for you.

8. Reduce food waste. We cook to order, which means when you order from us, you’re helping to eliminate unnecessary food waste. Our portions are perfect – and delicious – meaning you’ll never want to throw any away!

9. See results fast! It isn’t rocket science. By ordering food in advance, you’ll feel more accountable and less likely to deviate from your plan. 

10. Take control. You’re in charge of what meals you choose. There’s no minimum order, so you can have as few or as many as your heart (and stomach) desires.

Packed Lunches was created because the founders Matt & Jo had enough of wasting time and money on unhealthy alternatives. We understand how hard it can be to look after yourself when you’re on a busy schedule, and too often the healthy alternatives are bland and boring.

Our meals will be the highlight of your day. Not only because they save you time and money, but because they are bloody delicious!