What We Do

We want to be a sustainable business – and our ultimate goal is to not only be zero waste, but to also help grow and nurture the environment. Here are some of our sustainable aims: Reduce plastic Our ultimate aim is to be plastic free – from the produce we receive from suppliers, to the meals we serve to our customers. All of our meals are served in fully compostable packaging, meaning you can enjoy your lunches safe in the knowledge that we’re not adding to the 5 million tonnes of plastic waste thrown away each year. Even the carrier bags and labels are plastic free – result! Reduce food waste Your meals are cooked-to-order meaning we’re able to source the freshest ingredients after you’ve placed your order. This system helps us with our goal to reduce the 7.3 tonnes of household food waste the UK throws away each year. Reduce emissions We’ll be looking at ways we can reduce CO2 emissions, with our cycle couriers pedal-powering their way around town to assist with our delivery drivers. Where possible we order all of our produce from local suppliers, meaning your food travels less food miles and is better for the environment! Green energy We want all the energy we use to be 100% green. Watch this space for further information on how we go about this!