Why did we start Packed Lunches?

We get asked quite often, why did we start Packed Lunches?

Ever since Jo and I met whilst working in a well-known sports shop, we’ve had a desire to find healthy yet bloody tasty food to eat whilst at work or on the go.

As keen amateur sports people (football and volleyball, respectively), we’ve always tried to take care of our nutrition and eat a balanced diet regardless of where we are. This hasn’t always been easy though. I honestly don’t know how long I’ve spent aimlessly wandering around supermarket aisles pondering between a lousy sandwich and a flavourless ready meal – both of which are far from fresh and full of additives and preservatives.

How familiar does this sound?

Truthfully, i would have started Packed Lunches much sooner than we did if i was a good cook. That’s where Jo comes in. Self-taught from an early age, she has an intuition and ability in the kitchen that i simply can’t comprehend. After several years i finally managed to persuade her that she could put this talent to use!

Jo and I are naturally adventurous, and enjoy trying new cuisines whenever possible. We’ve been fortunate to visit numerous countries around the world and get stuck into new dishes that tantalised our tastebuds. We can’t wait to return to our kitchen and try and recreate these dishes for ourselves. One thing we pride ourselves on is the authenticity of our meals, if you close your eyes you can picture yourself in a far away, exotic land!

Wherever I’ve worked, I’ve been that annoying co-worker who turns up with a delicious smelling lunch prepared in a tupperware container, every day of the week. I’ve had the envious glances from my co-worker, biting into his 250th meal deal sandwich as i tuck into my thai beef stir fry. As time went on, my colleagues jealously turned to intrigue and we began receiving requests for us to make their lunches… and Packed Lunches was born!

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Things escalated quickly, and before we knew it a friend turned into a friend of a friend and half of my football team were placing orders. Turns out that i’m not the only one who appreciates Jo’s cooking! From there we took a chance and rented a unit to renovate into a commercial kitchen, we wanted to take Packed Lunches to more people.

At the heart of what we do is a passion for creating nutritionally-balanced AND mouth-watering meals. We strive to use a combination of local and exotic ingredients. We love living in Devon, a county rich of produce and food suppliers!

We’re so proud of what we’ve achieved in such a short space of time and we love seeing new friends enjoying our Packed Lunches. Thank you for reading about our short story so far, long may it continue.

Bon appetit – x

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